What is boutique pediatrics?

It is a practice of pediatric medicine that values relationships and quality care above everything else serving those looking for the best possible experience.

What are direct payment plans?

Direct payment plans are uniquely designed plans that provide for all your in-office needs at a special monthly rate to keep health care affordable. Direct payment plans are not health insurance.

Do you take my insurance?

In order to provide the best individualized care for our patients we have chosen to be an out-of-network provider on your insurance plan. To simplify the process we have partnered with GetBetter.co to submit claims and obtain payment for our patients. Click below for more information. HSA accounts are also a great way to cover any out of pocket costs. Click below for more information.

Do I need insurance for your office?

You do not need insurance for our office as we have affordable plans to choose from. However, it is important to have insurance in case of hospitalization or catastrophe and to cover for the cost of specialist visits and vaccines.

Do I have to join a plan?

To register for our practice you need to choose a plan. Click below to choose a plan.

Can I be billed for services?

We have partnered with Getbetter.co to provide billing services for our patients with out of network benefits. It is a simple process. Take a picture of your bill and click submit, they take care of the rest.

Are my vaccines covered?

We have partnered with Vaxcare to provide vaccines for our patients. See the list below to see if you have a participating insurance plan. Special rates are offered for non-participating plans or self-pay patients.

What in-office labs do you offer?

Do you draw blood in the office?

Yes, we offer venipuncture for send out labs for children that can cooperate with the procedure.

What are telemedicine visits?

This is a visit from your phone, tablet or computer from the convenience of wherever you are. Medications or treatment plans may be prescribed during the visit.

 Do I have to pay for parking?

Parking is included. You will receive parking vouchers after each visit to the office. Downtown Dadeland is well designed with an underground parking garage and covered awnings along the sidewalks. There are convenient stroller parking spaces for parents of infants and young children.

Have further questions?

I’m in, how do I secure my spot?

Step 1: Go to Registration Page

Step 2: Click on Pictures to Review Plans

Step 3: Click on Choose a Plan

Steph 4: Fill out Registration Form and Pay Enrollment Fee to hold your spot

Thank you for joining d. pediatrics!